Eve of Creation (Swan-Knight Series Book 2)


Mystery adventure of Richard Palgrave

After the horrifying bomb blast in the sculpture garden of National museum of Contemporary Art in Washington D.C. curator Rachel Rabane tries to reach Philanthropist Richard Palgrave to find out the people responsible behind the blast and the threatening message the police found in the ruins of the museum.
Author Ronald Paul takes his readers to witness the adventure of Palgrave along with his two Buddhist monks and Rachel as they travel to the Middle East in search of answers from the threats, unraveling mystery behind the priceless artwork and the people involved. Despite the obvious urgency in the pace of the story, author does an amazing job of describing in great details the culture and art of different countries, the characters find themselves in. Using his knowledge of politics and region author artistically throws in fresh twists and turns as the story unfolds. It was engrossing to envision the reality of horrifying terrorist activities carved and plotted into this intriguing, fictional mystery thriller with life like characters.
Those looking for a captivating read with deep reality based story line ‘Eve of Creation’ is a sure recommendation.

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