Play Me (Love on Tour Book 2)


When sparks fly…will bet be won?

‘Henry’ or ‘Hank’ is a rock star and a spoilt bad guy- always ready to bed pretty blonds and redheads for his sexual needs, is given a suggestion of celibacy from Baby and friend Sean which turns into a challenging bet Hank has to prove himself at for a tour of two months, but not until Susi- ‘not so his type tiny girl’ joins Hank, Sean and Baby on a rock tour across U.S leaving Hank to struggle in keeping his bet and refraining himself from getting attracted to Susi, who is very different from the girls of the past.
‘Play Me (Love on Tour Book 2) by author Kay Harris is a well written book, filled with interesting insights into the world of a glamorous rock star, his friends, fan and love life which is sure to grab readers from the very opening page and wont let go until the very end with its smooth narration expertly woven into an intriguing romance novel. It was very impressive to see how author gets hold on her readers and puts them under the skin of her characters. Knowing Hank, Susi, Sean and Baby at the turn of every page was like taking a rock tour with them and witnessing the blooming romance between rock star Hank and the simple girl Susi was a delight.
Though ‘Play Me’ is the second book in the love on tour series, I found it thoroughly engrossing, standalone read with all the appropriate information needed to catch up with the previous read. This book definitely makes an amazing read for a relaxed vacation or a long journey. Looking forward to read more fresh and fluid stories from the author in this series, ‘Play Me (Love on Tour Book 2)’ is a sure recommendation!

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