Blow Out Summer


An insight into fresh, vibrant & youthful lifestyle of 70s

‘Blow Out Summer’ is a fresh, vibrant and youthful adventurous story of a young girl living in southern California ‘Dee Dee’ who is all geared up to enjoy her summer in the surf capital of the world Huntington beach by surfing out with a group of local surfers, hanging out at parties with her school time best friend Shelly and giving a try to the relationship with a long known handsome and wealthy guy Ian Connor.
Author Denise Ann develops and delivers a wild ride through times of 1970s, giving interesting insights into the fun loving world of youth when drug trafficking was slowly becoming a big part of Californians lifestyle. Author Denise uses her experiences of growing up in Huntington beach, California expertly in weaving it with her research of drug trafficking in mid 70s & Dee Dee and her friends fun loving adventure is smartly and skillfully brought out through an intriguing, gripping narration by the wealth of knowledge author has in her subject.
‘Blow Out Summer’ is a fast paced story with a well researched plot which is sure to make an amazing read for a relaxing evening. Highly recommended.

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