Snowflake River: A voyage into the Great Spirit


Stunning storyline with gripping conclusion.

‘Snowflake River’ is a unique fiction novel which is crafted with well thought out imagination, smartly embedded with realistic and natural possibilities our earth and its inhabitants can face in near future.
Author Ben Ami Eliahu starts his engaging tale with numerous characters from different regions who are unaware of each other but whisk readers immediately into a highly imaginative and well plotted voyage where a deadly disease- the ‘body cooling phenomenon’ (BPC) has become a mysterious subject to be explored by scientists leading them nowhere yet gripping its victims and pushing them towards many overpowering symptoms like severe hallucinations followed by miserable death.
Characters of different age and region with vividly detailed settings are skillfully placed by author to carry his engrossing novel to a level where it gets impossible to break free from the magical spell of this entertaining fiction. ‘Snowflake River’ is definitely a page turner where author Ben Ami tries to tie many lose ends to build a stunning storyline with gripping conclusion.
Hadassa Samter (Minister of health) Omer and Noa (students of grade tenth) teacher Joel and professor Peretz are namely some of the characters who are bound to add spice to the intriguing narrative and accompany readers on thrilling and fascinating mystery that is packed with palpable trepidation. With a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns ‘Snowflake River’ ends well giving emotional satisfaction and qualifying for a recommendation that is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers and avid fiction lovers.

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