The Dark Tides: Book Two in the Forever Avalon Series


Fascinating story of magic, romance & survival.

‘The Dark Tides’ by author Mark Piggott is a mesmerizing bled of an epic read with modern day fantasy thriller in every sense of word. Every chapter moves smoothly at a perfect pace bringing the Island of Avalon to life with authentic details of imaginative mystical creatures that inhabit this magical world with believable life like characters. Lord Bryan’s peaceful rule as a protective Gil-Gamesh of the realm is bound to be tested by the suppressed evil lovers who will leave no stone unturned to bring sorceress Morgana Le Fay to life, to unleash the dark tides for the destruction and to claim over Avalon from the just ruler & defender Bryan and his family.
Author Mark has created an engaging tale which is sure to fascinate young adults and lovers of fantasy with a story of magic, romance and survival bringing each and every embedded character to life. Captivating narration paving way for smartly crafted intense action and violence from the dark evil character gives the readers an insight into the current happening of the plot which makes ‘The Dark Tides’ a well thought out & a stand alone read despite of it being the book two in The Forever Avalon Series but it is advisable to read Book 1 of The Forever Avalon series to enjoy the uninterrupted flow of entertainment. for sure ‘The Dark Tides: Book two in The Forever Avalon Series’ would be a perfect addition to the collection of any avid fantasy reader. Highly recommended.

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