Freedom Is for the Birds


Thought provoking animal fiction with high morals

‘Animal fiction’ is definitely an amazing genre for narrating some of the most difficult, tense and solid subjects and to deliver thought provoking morals which are often ignored and overlooked by humans.
Author J.M. Sutherland chose a unique way of approaching a diverse audience through her well thought out fiction novel by bringing out an amazingly entertaining yet thought stirring tale of two red tailed Hawks- K’Lar and D’Ree who struggle to breed and live at the merciless destructive greed of human construction and population that is destroying the mother nature and natural hunting grounds of many other inhabitants of the ecosystem. It is really wonderful to read how author Sutherland weaves her wealth of knowledge of nature and ecosystem into an impressive fanciful ride of adventure through the point of view of a very loving and caring pair of hawks that brings out the very believable outburst of emotions.
‘Freedom is for the Birds’ is a novel written in delightful style where author manages to create a world of animal survival that mingles with greed of humanity as the characters fight to reclaim their birth right of equal share of mother nature. Those interested in the genre of animal fiction and are nature lovers, author Sutherland’s novel is sure to give them a perfect colorful insight into the world of birds, stirring the values and morals of friendship, individuality and respect for mother nature and its inhabitants.
‘Freedom is for the Birds’ is a thought provoking animal fiction with high morals that undoubtedly qualifies for a sure recommendation.

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