Talon, Come Fly with Me


Flight of Love!

‘Talon- Come Fly with Me’ by writer Gigi Sedlmayer is simply an awesome tale about a girl – Matica who lives in Peru with her missionary parents Mira (mother) and Crayn (father) and loving four year old brother Aikon amongst the Indian tribe.
Life is tough for Matica since she suffers from a medical problem that prevents her body from growing to its normal size, this results in non acceptance from Indians of Matica into their tribe. They consider Matica to be under influence of some evil spirit and do not allow their children to be friends with Matica.
Maticas loneliness makes her turn to nature for help and she makes friends with two majestic birds ‘Condors’ Tima and Tamo. She strives to save these huge endangered species and their eggs from poachers.
Author Gigi Sedlmayer has done a wonderful job by catching each and every detail of nature, landscape and scenic beauty in every chapter of her book. This novel is full of information about Condors, their size, habitat and eating habit and much more for those who don’t know anything or very little about such majestic endangered species of vulture.
I could feel each and every emotion faced by writers characters, their conversation and behaviour was so natural that the novel kept me engaged for hours together at a stretch, I am sure this book will be inspirational for all youngsters who will get a lot to learn from Matica, her challenges and her strong character and also this novel will be very informative for adults who will get abundance of knowledge about Condors,
I highly recommend this wonderful book to all age groups as it is a perfect balance of emotions, nature, knowledge and relationships. A must read!!


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