Prismatic (Harmony Run Book 1)


Young teenage thriller!

“Prismatic” is a well thought and well imagined future novel by a talented writer Sarah Elle Emm where the story takes place somewhere by 2050, the book revolves around its main characters Rain, her brother Daktari and few youngsters who face the challenges when USA’s new President divides the country into many territories and zones based on racial discrimination. The writer has very well plotted the story showing how courage to change bad circumstances can result in a better future.
I loved how the book ended in a cliffhanger leaving its readers wanting for more and looking forward for another interesting book in the series. The characters are fresh, young and captivating targeting the young readers.
I would highly recommend this book to all and esp. to all teenagers and youngsters for taking moral from the book and discouraging the evils of racial discrimination and inequality faced in any walk of life present or future. Its a must read!!



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