Buried Threads


Outstanding work of adventurous thrill!!!

‘Buried Threads’ is an amazing heart throbbing action thriller where writer Kaylin Mcfarren has wonderfully woven the threads of romance, adventure, action, mystery and suspense with a glimpse of rich Japanese culture to plot an outstanding novel.
The book takes its readers slowly and smoothly close towards its main characters Rachel and Chase who are treasure hunters and are hired to find a mysterious sword. They soon realize that the treasure hunting wont be as easy as it seemed instead its going to give them a tough challenge full of twists and turns.
There were moments when writers captivating book kept me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails waiting and wanting to know what was to come further. There are many other characters in the novel who were very distinctive like Shinzo and Kenji ( who was a villain but very appealing) these characters kept my interest level high till the very end.
This book is sure to make a very successful Hollywood blockbuster since it had everything from an outstanding movie name to whether it be action scenes or sexy hot steaming love making moments.
I really enjoyed every bit of this book , it kept me fully engaged and passed my hours like seconds. I would highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those looking for a book with complete spicy mix of romance, adventure and thrill.

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