The Brujo’s Way: First in the Buenaventura Series


Fiction that is believable & Fascinating

Laying a strong foundation for the Buenaventura series ‘The Brujo’s Way’ is a well thought out tale of reincarnation of a sorcerer- Don Carlos in an aristocratic family in 1670s in Mexico. When hunted down by the evil sorcerer of Moon Moiety, Brujo- Don Carlos decides to end his life and takes birth again with supernatural powers in his sixth life, but gradually growing up as a loved child with charming talent Don Carlos recalls memories of his powers and life threatening dangers surrounding it.
Author McFarland artistically weaves an intriguing mystical read that is epic in every sense of world, bringing the time period of aristocratic era of 1670s to life with authentic details, ticking along at perfect pace with many believable characters. ‘The Brujo’s Way’ is an engaging read where fiction becomes believable and fascinating giving its readers a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns as the story unfolds itself with strong gripping narration that is capable of grabbing ones attention from the opening pages and won’t let go until the very end.
It was very impressive to witness the way author McFarland brings out his talent of keeping his readers wanting for more to come in Buenaventura series.
‘The Brujo’s Way’ definitely has a paradise to be discovered by a wide range of readers interested in the genre of mystery, magic and drama. Highly recommended for its well imagined strong storyline.

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