Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure


Paradise for every child to explore!

‘Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure’ is a short, entertaining story with cute, catchy and colorful illustrations by author Matthew Newnham for young minds of age 6 to 10, where a 6 year old Fred Sanders has his dream come true by venturing into space with his comic book superhero Zando Centauri to a planet called Jambori to complete a mission Fred has mastered at.
Author Matt Newnham definitely has a unique potential and capability to spellbind little readers by highlighting their day to day deeds and shaping them into an engaging tale which both children and their parents will find as valuable lesson of happiness, friendship and individuality.
‘Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure’ is an easy fast paced book smartly woven with innocence and imagination of fanciful tale of space, its creatures and characters that are sure to make a paradise for every child to explore and enjoy.
Highly recommended as a thought provoking and a moral bed time story.

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