The Wish: A 360 Degree Business Development Process That Fuels Sales


A perfect guidance-‘The Wish’

‘The Wish’ by author Elinor Stutz is definitely a very educating and a step by step guidance for business development with the apt utilization of social media to achieve desired success and to fuel up sales by improving and strengthening the buyer and seller relationship by following some basic principles.
Author Elinor Stutz has been very generous to share her personal experiences and strategies for successful business development which is sure to enlighten the mind and give knowledge to those who own their business and also for those who are looking forward to start one. ‘The Wish’ is a perfect read to gain confidence and to start as a professional by following the very basic answers to their questions given in a knowledgeable detail in this book. Those following the authors advice are bound to interact more effectively and efficiently with the up comings in their business.
‘The Wish’ is a very well written and a put together book of guidance, which deserves to be treasured and widely read by all. Highly recommended!

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