Marie Antoinette’s Head: The Royal Hairdresser, The Queen, And The Revolution


An introduction with the witness of the golden and dark times.

The luxurious, rich, royal and colorful life time followed by dark, death prevailing time of Marie Antoinette and the royal family comes alive as we are taken down the memory lane of Leonard Autie, a royal dresser for the queen and nobility in the 18th century.
Desire of fame and gold brought Leonard to Paris in 1769 with just a vanity and talent of dressing hair in a unique and artistic style. Conquering all the huddles he ended up making a fortune in the royal court as favorite of ‘Madame Du Barry’ and soon his loyalty prized him as the most trusted server and adviser to queen Marie Antoinette where he was the witness of the golden times of court and dark times of the French revolution.
Author Will Bashor’s ‘Marie Antoinette’s Head’ is a flawless incredible read of well researched work with a gripping style of narration beautified by mastery over language and its nuances describing the events artistically with great finesse.
I am sure, reveling more about this master piece will be a sheer spoiler but author Will Bashor’s work is sure to add flares for those learning about French revolution, making it easy for them to connect with Leonard and use his memoir to get a deeper and clearer perception of witnessing French revolution.
Definitely ‘Marie Antoinette’s Head’ is the most recommended book for history lovers and readers looking for something interesting and entertaining.

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