The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet


A read to be treasured by every child and teen.

A wish to cherish and re-live childhood days was fulfilled when I laid my hands on one of the most fascinating and hooking read ‘The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet’, where author Fernanda Raineri’s absorbing character of Stella and her sister, of Versilia plan to go on an adventure of flying in a hot air balloon with their friends Frank and Rebecca. Enjoying the beautiful, mesmerizing landscape near Apuna Alps, their world turns topsy turvy when their pilot loses his control due to high winds and crash lands in dense woods. While trying to find their way out, these youngsters discover a mysterious carpet and some ancient coins in a huge underground cave, which leads them towards the beginning and discovery of an adventure far from the imagination of any human.
Author Fernanda Raineri’s colorful imaginary keeps the novel intriguing, fresh and thrilling at the turn of every page painting vivid pictures of the mysteries discovered by her gripping characters in the minds of her readers. Description of incredible inhabitants and habitats adds flares to the simple but captivating style of narration. The author does a great job of bringing out the power of friendship and making it a key to success in any situation.
Though ‘The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet’ is a fiction read for children and teens, it brings out the ‘child’ in you and fulfills the wish of every adult to re-live and cherish the moments of childhood, thoroughly enjoying the mysterious adventures of Stella and her friend’s life. Highly recommended!!

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