Radio Sphere


Discovering a whole new sphere!

‘Radio Sphere’ is an intriguing sci-fi with a very different and distinctive style of narration where author Devin Tersteeg leaves his reader at the hands of his characters Elizabeth and George- the survivors on the surreal modified earth with reduced population and scarcity of basic needs like food and electricity.
Author does not let himself lose the basic threads of sci-fi throughout the book even though the read gets humorous at places telling about the new earth, its inhabitants and the aliens.
‘Radio Sphere’ is an incredible novel showcasing the authors unique talent of weaving his thoughts into a well imagined, impressive story line that paints its characters world and struggle so vividly that you are able to envision where they live etc.
‘Radio Sphere’ is a very different novel in comparison to the usual alien-invaded-type of sci-fi as it kept me captivated and glued to the book till the very end to know whats to come up next in Elizabeth’s life and how she is going to deal with it.
I would definitely like to recommend this novel to all and esp. to those interested in sci-fi with a strong story line and humour.

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