Dead Diary


An intriguing read which is all set to change the perspective.

Mathilde is a sweet, innocent girl who is sure to change the perspective of ghosts for children as she is blessed with a unique power of seeing and helping dead or ghost to be freed but as other young kids she also has school blues- finishing homework, dealing with spoiled and bulling classmates.
Though ‘Dead Diary’ sounds as a scary read, author L. P. Donnelli does an incredible job of crafting his book in an artistic diary writing style of narration which is sure to keep young children connected with the character of Mathilde and interested in her tale till the very end. Descriptions of the ghosts and their friendly attitude towards Mathilde makes the book a really fast-paced, light, humorous and entertaining read giving vivid colorful imaginary visuals to the young readers.
I really hold ‘Dead Diary’ close to my heart for the beautiful effort of the author in writing and making a scary, ghost related topic into a captivating page turner.
This amazing read is highly recommended to all young children and readers.

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