Live, enjoy and lose yourself in ‘The Double’

‘The Double’ is a gripping tale of ‘double’ fascinating characters, which is bound to double up the excitement and entertainment for the readers while taking them through the intervening life corridors of two women who are living life in contrast to each other. In spite of all the fame, money, luxury and best of faith offered to rock star Sonita La Cruz, she is struggling to save her life from mysterious threats of a haunting stalker and on the other hand while keeping up with her daily chores, laborious job and a bulling husband, nurse Beth is kidnapped unfortunately mistaken for Sonita. Life is sure to change for Beth when she has to get under the skin of a glamorous rock star and prove her worth.
Despite the obvious urgency and pace of the story presented, author Alison Brodie does an amazing job of describing in great details the surroundings that the characters find themselves in and keeps the plot fresh and exciting with a perfect weave of romance, adventure, suspense and humor making the book a real page turner.
‘The Double’ is an impressive read offering a perfect peep into lives of two women living life in contrast to each other and their story of how they cope up with what destiny has thrown in their way. Author Alison does a great job of creating some more interesting characters other than Sonita and Beth that feel real and show complex qualities, keeping the readers at the edge of their seats.
I really enjoyed living life with Beth as she tried to play a part which was just not herself. ‘The Double’ is definitely an intriguing, fast-paced read for a relaxing vacation for any age group. Highly recommended.

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