Hero of My Dreams


Voyage beyond stars.

I was taken on one of the most engaging and enduring journeys through galaxy by author J.R.Pitts when the princess of a peace loving planet- Arklardin is forced to get on a mission of finding the hero of her dreams, to fight for the freedom of her populace and planet threatened by the evil dragon Lord of Zharburk. As the destiny brings Alexander Freeman, millions of light years away, from earth, it all depends on him to prove worthy of the princess’ love and inspire Arklardinites to win the upcoming lethal war.
Author J.R.Pitts proves his sheer talent in writing by crafting his characters which are so life-like and engaging, making this read one of the most smooth-flowing and well plotted fantasy fiction.
‘Hero of My Dreams’ is also a winner when it comes to blending emotions and science into a mesmerizing read, painting colorful visuals of a voyage beyond stars.
The captivating and engrossing yet simple style of narration is sure to keep readers entertained till the very end making ‘Hero of My Dreams’ one of the most deserving read. I am amazed at the beautiful imagination of the author and highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those looking for some fantasy and romance in the space! Its a must read.

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