Panterra – The Machinist


Unraveling the path of Machinist’s life in a strange new home.

Machinist Arlington Moore is all set to move further with his destiny and settle in a foreign land after struggling and adapting with new habitats and inhabitants in a fishing village after separation with his crew members due to the wrecking of his ship. When Arlington’s love Barcy finds him, he has more unseen hurdles to unravel.
‘Panterra- The Machinist’ has much more to the surprise of readers as author Gary L. Ward crafts his characters artistically with a colorful description of the life and living around them giving a well imagined visualistic glimpse into this different read with an entertaining story line. Unique style of narration plays an important role in keeping the story fresh and fluid and a page turner till the very end by bringing up well thought diction.
It is impossible to write about this novel without giving in too much of the story which would be a spoiler. ‘Panterra- The Machinist’ is definitely a book of its kind and deserves to be read and appreciated. Highly recommended.

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