Wild Raspberries


A heart wrenching tale of love, loss and family relations.

‘Wild Raspberries’ is simply a beautiful and a spell binding tale with mesmerizing narration, taking its readers into the life of grieving Callie Maccallum who has woven the threads of her untold pain, loss and love into a quilt made by the patchwork of her departed lover’s clothes as remembrance which pulls Callie into unfolding bitter secrets of relation and emotions of Jacks family life and loss.
It is definitely hard to believe that ‘Wild Raspberries’ is the debut novel of author Connie Chappell as she possess the natural talent of captivating her readers with mastery over language and its nuances, creating characters of substance close to reality, tickling the emotional nerves of her readers and painting the pictures of life and its realities.
‘Wild Raspberries’ is one of the most engaging and entertaining family drama which I am sure one can hold close to their heart for its sheer beauty and power. It would be impossible to write in a few words about this larger than life novel. It would be highly recommended to feel rather than read this amazing family drama!

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