Echo from Mount Royal


Spell binding tale of love, separation and emotions

‘Echo from Mount Royal’ is a wonderful, fast paced, enjoyable read taking us down the memory lane of Rebecca Wiseman’s first, fresh blooming love with a super rich, young businessman Sol Goltesman back in 1950s in the beautiful city of Montreal.

Author Dave Riese moves very smoothly with Rebecca’s tale, painting vividly the colorful images of time Rebecca cherished the wonderful moments of romance with Sol until harsh barriers of society, caste and family secrets came invading her way leaving her all alone struggling to fight the evil realities which proved wrong the saying-‘love will conquer it all’.

‘Echo from Mount Royal’ made me live with the character of Rebecca, smiling, crying, feeling the pains she went through. Beautiful descriptions of the hotels and royal treatments experienced by the character were a feast to imaginary visuals for the readers proving the sheer talent of the author and his amazing knowledge over language and narration.

I found a life-like friend in Rebecca which made me enjoy every bit of my journey through Mount Royal, hooking me till the very end of the novel.

I love to recommend this flawless, captivating read to those looking for a strong story line with love, loss and family.

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