Champion Bubbler


Engrossing journey of ‘Mercedes Ford’ the Bubbler

‘Champion Bubbler’ is an incredibly captivating and a very strange tale of a self made club dancer Bubbler or Mercedes Ford (as she has named herself) from the city of Ghetto of Kingston, who has moved to Montego Bay by choice to be a dancer in a club in the tourist resort. Though with a hosh-posh and complicated past of not knowing about her real father, she is all confident and enjoys to be the center of attraction as a main dancer of Danny’s club until she is offered to be a business manager and lends a helping hand at the club while Danny is away for his another important business. Accepting this offer makes things get cosy between Bubbler and Danny making her life and relation confusing with Gerg – a German tourist, she met on the beach and whom she has been seeing for a longtime.
Author Jules Mitchell does a wonderful job in creating a life like character of Bubbler who is full of life, enthusiasm and full of bubbly, positive attitude and hooks her readers, inquisitively guessing and waiting for more thrill to come ahead in this very engaging and entertaining novel. Smooth Narration as the perception of girl-next-door character makes it very easy for readers to get under the skin of authors protagonist Bubbler.
‘Champion Bubbler’ is definitely a seductive, addicting and a hooking novel which I would undoubtedly recommend to anyone, specially young readers to lay their hands on and enjoy a fast paced novel for a relaxing vacation.

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