An incredible journey into space: The Storm Planet

Storm Slave: The Storm Planet Series Volume Three‘ is undoubtedly one of the best imagined and well crafted novels in the genre of Sci-fi with a strong story line woven with drama, romance, politics, emotions and some of the most appealing strong characters, male and female both.
There is much more to the storm planet or Gigas Vnee as it is naturally blessed with the unbelievable abundant wealth of power threads which draws unwanted political greed from government of other planets to capture and get control of Gigas Vnee.
Will Storm Planet find peace at the hands of heir Quill, the son of Loralei the slave queen as he is left with a powerful weapon by his father to fight the upcoming war and will Quill be able to convince ‘Minel’ his lady love, a female slave of his worthy love?
It is really impossible to write about ‘Storm Slave: The Storm Planet Series Volume 3’ without giving in too much of whats happening in the novel, so I would state that this Sci-fi is superbly crafted with well thought out diction and bold imaginary, filled with its own uniquely descriptive language that paints characters world so vividly that one can envision the life on this unique planet, their love and lust. Author M Garnet does a great job in creating characters that felt real and showed complex ideas as they tried to overcome adversity.
Though I am not a good reader in the genre of Sci-fi but I found this book very hooking and spell binding as it has all that can be also enjoyed by readers of other genre like romance, mystery, politics etc. I assure, picking up STORM SLAVE: THE STORM PLANET SERIES: VOLUME 3 for a quick entertaining read can never be regretted.

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