A Foolish Consistency


Spellbinding tale of rekindling romance!

Callie Winwood and Will Tremaine get blessed by destiny’s second chance to rekindle their long-lost, 2 decade old love relation until past intervenes with their mesmerizing romance bringing in sorrows from the past of Callie’s divorce and Will’s children and ex-in laws grieving over the death and loss of Will’s wife Joanna.
Author Andrea Weir artistically gets her readers under the skin of her characters in ‘A Foolish Consistency’ making them smile, cry and guess, in their incredibly heartfelt tale of loss, perseverance and family as Will and Callie struggle to resolve the hurdles thrown by destiny in their path.
Author does not let herself lose the basic threads of human emotions and feelings despite of revealing some of the most dark, negative villainous acts of Will’s in-laws as the tale unfolds interestingly. Overall ‘A Foolish Consistency’ is superbly crafted and well thought out delightful tale both entertaining and heart wrenching, which gives us promise of much more to come from this talented writer.
I assure that anyone who picks this amazing work of read is sure to be captivated for hours till the very end. Highly recommended.

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