Vibes From The Screen: Getting Greater Enjoyment From Films

Thought provoking, incisive and enlightening.

Covering the most intricate details one needs to observe and learn, author Bob Moss chooses a unique approach of delivering an enjoyable learning journey of film viewing through his compact educating guide book ‘Vibes From The Screen: Getting Greater Enjoyment From Films’ with evident social consciousness.

This book outlines the steps, offers actionable tips, provides examples and asks the questions that will get readers to experience a totally different perspective towards the art of communication relayed by film makers through their movies. Author Bob Moss knows how to not only distill his words down to what’s necessary for the progression of the book but he also relays his knowledge in such an exquisite style that it is practical,, engrossing and easy to grasp.

Thought provoking, incisive and enlightening, ‘Vibes From The Screen: Getting Greater Enjoyment From Films’ is a straight forward, no-nonsense high quality content read that all aspiring movie lovers are sure to appreciate and treasure. Delightful in style, polished and original in concept, authors book is definitely a worthy recommendation for every library and personal possession.


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