Fantasy Animals

A book with a valuable lesson.

With snappy dialogue this enjoyable romp, ‘Fantasy Animals’ is an ambiguous tale of two unique animals, Vortex- the Anteater and Scoop- the Lioness, born joined together at the torso in the animal kingdom of Balta, Amazon. The adventure gets thrilling and engrossing as both these animals wrestle the challenges embedded by nature in their fate.

Author Janis Kirstein demonstrates the power of simple words in a beautiful, wise and colorful illustrative that is sure to elicit giggles and yet charm young readers with an inspiring moral of dealing with life’s most adverse situations by accepting and appreciating each others uniqueness.

While many things are not what they seem, everything amazingly connects in the surprising finale and resolves the books plot with wit and wisdom. ‘Fantasy Animals’ is a book with valuable lessons and an ideal title for any school library bookshelf. Highly recommended for young children and readers of age 5 to 10.

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