A dark journey into the light

Profound exploration of human conditions.

Reconstruction of the past, right from the very age of five ‘A dark journey into the light’ is a thought provoking, incisive and enlightening exploration of inquisitive urges and desires author Josef Smith has possessed for more than sixty years.

‘A dark journey into the light’ goes well beyond expectations, giving out a brilliant, clear picture of challenges young people face when self identity clashes with the norms of the society and social consciousness. Modulated with infinite care, evocation and intricate narration author delivers a wild ride immersing his readers through his brutally honest memoir that is absolutely unique and engrossing.

Author Josef Smith has penned a glistering read, supplying his own visual accompaniment and experiences that complement the profound exploration of human conditions. This book is definitely a powerful page turner that will resonate with readers long after the last page has been turned. Original in concept and a remarkable work of well rounded consciousness, authors autobiography is surely worthy of appreciation by mature, open minded adults. Highly recommended.

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