Outcome, a Novel

A powerful page turner.

Intertwined with a clever combination of characters dealing with their own absurd situations, ‘Outcome, a Novel’ is an ambiguous, dramatic medical thriller based on hurricane Ivan ((2004) and its aftermath. Urgent and horrifying evacuation from the approaching disastrous storm leads Karen’s family to deal with a heart wrenching tragedy that interweaves lives of two stranger into a spellbinding camaraderie.

Author Barbara Ebel’s knowledge and experience in the medical field is evident through her multilayered anecdote that is tender and touching. Poignant yet brilliantly narrated ‘Outcome, a Novel’ is a masterful read that is sure to captivate readers & sympathize with authors life like characters.

Thought provoking, incisive and enlightening, author Ebel’s novel is a remarkable work of well rounded consciousness that promotes the cause of organ donation. Fans of the genre and readers coping with their own losses may find this powerful page turner particularly effective. Highly recommended, ‘Outcome, a Novel’ is a wise and sad coming of age story showcasing how people are shaped by their circumstances.


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