Real Men Wear Beige: One man’s jailhouse journey through the chaotic realm of concrete and steel


Realities of life behind prison wall through life experiences of Donato Alfredano.

Giving glimpse of a realistic and accurate perspective of the life in prison through his own experiences, author Donato Alfredano takes us through his memoir, where he suffered at the hands of a broken criminal justice system of U.S and correctional officers for his white collar crime.
‘Real Men Wear Beige’ is a real tale where author shares his most extra ordinary lesson about life, humanity and harsh realities of life behind prison walls, revealing some true hard and cold facts and examples enlightening his readers about incarceration which was shocking and in contrast to fiction we see on T.V. and movies.
Author has been very descriptive of the details which he wanted to emphasis on for his readers by painting vivid pictures easy to feel and connect with the events faced by himself. Though it was sad to see author suffer and go through tough times but he leaves no stones unturned to make his book an intriguing and gripping read from the very first page till the very end providing a real eye opening read for those who view all prisoners with one mindset that they all are ‘criminals’ and have a misguided notion that courtroom is the altar of righteousness.
I’d like to thank author Donato Alfredano to take up all the courage for bringing up his unpleasant past and sharing it with readers. ‘Real Men Wear Beige’ is a book where I learned the very basic difference between a ‘detainee’ and an ‘inmate’ and many other realities.
This book is a real enlightenment and definitely deserves to be highly read & recommended to all mature readers!

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