A Diamond in the Ruff (Jasper, Street Fighter & Me) (Volume 2)


Back in action with a bang!!!

Jasper, Street-fighter and Maggie- the team is back in action with a bang!! A relaxing and playful time in natural meadow is short-lived for Maggie when she is surprised by two gifts brought to her by Jasper- a human bone and Street fighter- a leather bag with uncut diamonds. The mysterious discovery by the trio turns out to be the key to next crime case at hand which is sure to pull Maggie and her team in action and accept the request of detective Jim – a long term friend.
Evolving two separate mysteries ‘A Diamond in the Ruff’ is sure to put at test the special bond of past between Jasper, Street fighter and Maggie making this crime thriller a real page turner, where author Richard Nurse showcases his talent of an amazing writer by plotting a thrilling adventure full of fresh twists and turns beyond the imagination of his readers. For those who have enjoyed their journey through book 1, this book must have been the most awaited one. Author Richard Nurse does a great job of gripping his readers with a straight forward and fast paced narration and story line with the involvement of his very special characters Jasper, Street fighter and Maggie.
‘A Diamond in the Ruff’ can be easily read and followed as a stand alone entertaining read with lots to unravel between covers. I sure want to see ‘Jasper, Street fighter and Me’ series made into a television crime thriller series. Highly recommended to all!

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