The Author


A guidebook to wisdom, spirituality and power of imagination.

‘The Author- or The Characters’ Short Living Story’ is a fiction, a thriller, a guidebook to wisdom & spirituality giving readers capacity, power and space to imagine beyond limits.
Author Facundo Raganato places his six characters on a plot where they only remember their names and the rest about their past has no trace on their memory. They team up together to find way out of the dark surrounding to exit but when they end up nowhere, author himself makes his appearance before them to guide them to what is expected out of them and how are they to go about it. ‘The Author’ is definitely an engaging, unique and exclusive read leaving the characters story at the imagination of readers and an artistic work of the author to design and decide how their adventure is to unfold.
Author Facundo Raganato shows a dimension which brings out the involvement of the author, the readers and the characters and also their relation in a skillful way making the book an interesting read. This amazing book possesses the quality of compelling us to live in fictional, magical imaginative world with its rare and intriguing style of narration.
‘The Author- or The Characters’ Short Living Story’ is a recommendation for those with interest in literature, mature readers and new authors to learn about their role in writing a book and crafting its characters and story line.

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