Lilika and Other Journeys


Perfect blend, a well imagined fantasy, poetry and young women’s story.

Author HD Russell’s novel ‘Lilika and Other Journeys‘ is a paradise of reads satisfying the thirst of reading a variety, having them all in one place. Divided into three parts section 1- ‘The Journey of Lilika’, where we get to witness and explore a wonderful world of Greek Goddess Lilika; a world with a smart blend of today’s technologies, smartly woven with ancient beauty, love and romance between god and immortal and their adventure.
Section 2- ‘The Journey of Poetry’ consists of a few amazing poems for mature adults and section 3- The Journey of The Stream- moving through the stream- a story of the daily routine of a young women working in a hospital, who has to face the reality of seeing dead but can’t leave herself to the mercy of reality, she has to go on, live and be herself at the end of the day.
Author HD Russell proves herself to be amazingly talented writer for her readers with her efficient, well imagined and well plotted fast paced, captivating novel which has a little of everything for everyone.
Without giving much about this interesting pile of entertaining read compiled into a treasure of reads, I would highly recommend all book lovers to lay their hands on this book they’ll never regret to explore.

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