Lady’s Slipper: when past and present evils intertwine (DS Abby Foulkes) (Volume 2)


Back with a bang DS Abby Foulkes!

‘Lady’s Slipper’ by Author Alison Gray is the second novel in the detective series with Abby Foulkes, who’s back with a power packed bang as ‘herself’ in her job of police department leaving behind the sorrow of her partners death. Readers are sure to witness best of the crime thriller when Abby gets her hands on the twenty year old murder investigation case of Cathy Watson.
The investigation takes a whole new turn when a new witness turns up just before the release of the man who has been convicted and imprisoned as the murderer for the last twenty years for the crime.
This unusual murder mystery unfolds itself into a mind boggling case full of twists and turns giving its readers one of the most entertaining and captivating novel difficult to get their hands off from! Well paced story plot is jeweled with interesting detailed facts and descriptions with well developed characters, easy to connect with.
Author Alison Gray is simply one of the most talented writers in the genre of crime thriller who is naturally blessed with the talent of mesmerizing her readers with her story and looking for more to come in these detective series.
I would love to recommend this amazing book: ‘Lady’s Slipper’ to all readers who have the urge to read the best of the flawless crime thrillers. Its definitely a must read!!

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