Crumbling Walls (The Jack and Emily Series)


Love will conquer it all!!

‘Crumbling Walls’ is a sweet, touching and a romantic debut novel by author Laura Strandt, with a mesmerizing read about two young collage going teens- Jack and Emily, who are one of the most perfect couples- simply made for each other.
Where Jack falls for Emily from the very first day seeing her sitting at the front of porch, he proves to be the best lover to her not only by giving her unconditional love, care and understanding but also providing her his own loving family of 6 brothers and two parents and filling the gaps in Emily’s life created by the past.
Despite their perfect so called love story, Jack still has to unravel the painful past of Emily and bring out the best in her by conquering all her fears.
Author Laura Strandt’s fast paced, well plotted and very mesmerizing novel has some of the best character one can come across and easily connect with. Readers are sure to be captivated from the very first lines of the novel and are sure to enjoy and be entertained by fresh, lively and blooming romance between the two collage going teens.
‘Crumbling Walls’ also sets a wonderful example of how an understanding family can do wonders to individuals in life and help them out of any situation.
I would love to highly recommend this simple but amazingly interesting novel to all age groups who love young, fresh-light drama based genre.

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