Out of the Tower: A detective story of the emotions


A heart touching tale of a strong girl

‘Out of the Tower’ is truly one of the most heart warming and a heart touching tale of a girl child- Jemima, who was left all by herself to put up with her childhood days all alone when all of a sudden over a night her father and her most caring and beloved uncle left home without a word to Jemima leaving her at the mercy of cold-hearted mother and brother Ben.
Author Alison Gray wonderfully brings outburst of emotions and connects her readers with the vulnerable character of Jemima in her journey of unraveling the secret mystery behind departure of her only friend uncle.
Though a fictitious read ‘Out of the Tower’ will give us a deep view of emotional attachments towards certain relationships formed by children which we tend to ignore in our lives, thinking we are unanswerable to them as adults and forcing them to deal with and accept changes made by us leaving them at the mercy of time.
Last but not the least I would heartily congratulate author Alison Gray for her novel for being selected for the Constable Trophy of 1992 for the best unpublished novel by a writer from the North of England. This book is a great work of talent,highly recommended to all mature readers to read, appreciate and admire. Its a must read!!

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