Hibiscus Fruit: where grief leads to murder in paradise (DS Abby Foulkes Book 1)


A mind boggling crime thriller!!

Ever wondered-what if a well planned vacation with your loved one to your favourite destination turns into a mysterious murder solving nightmare? This is exactly what readers will witness while reading the novel ‘Hibiscus Fruit:where grief leads to murder in paradise ‘ by Author Alison Gray, where Abby Foulkes a police officer of Newcastle, Tyne is all shattered due to the murder of her partner Rafe, decides to take a break from her job and spend quality time with her 7 yr old son Jonny in a wonderful Greek Island- Skiathos but destiny has other plans for Abby; still not been able to over come the sorrow of her partners death, Abby is drawn unconsciously towards a new murder mystery in Skiathos when her son finds human bones in woods near a Greek monastery on hillside.
Author Alison Gray has beautifully depicted the emotions and mental status of a women and mother who has lost her loving and caring partner and considers her police job responsible for his death but she can loose herself to the grieving times in her life because she has the responsibility of a loving, seven year old child.
‘Hibiscus Fruit’ is a fast paced, smoothly flowing, well scripted read with amazing visualistic descriptions of Greek Island and its scenic beauty along with absorbing characters and ‘what is to come next’ guessing mystery with mind boggling twists and turns.
I would highly recommend this novel to all and esp. to those interested in the genre of crime-thriller series, I bet you won’t regret picking up ‘Hibiscus Fruit’ as a relaxing and an entertaining read!

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