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Irresistible family drama!

Want to know what it feels like to have a ‘Star’ as a mummy?, ‘Colette’s Return’ is sure to take her readers on an interesting family drama voyage where we are to witness life of a most beautiful looking star ,’Colette’ who returns home for her two lovely kids Rudi or Rudisha; an eleven year old turning twelve and son ‘Cory’ of three and a loving and one of the most handsome appealing man on island her hubby, Deyon. There is much more to come in life of Rudi and to discover about her mom, then thought.
Makala Thomas novel ‘Colettes Return’ is very captivating read right from the very first page, sailing slowly and smoothly through lives of family members who have a ‘Star’ in their family. Characters of the book are so connecting and realistic that every dialog and incidents of the book make it irresistible for one to put down the book until fully read. The suspense of the story unfolds smoothly and captivatingly making readers glued to the book and waiting and wanting for more.
Makala Thomas ‘Colettes Return’ is a breeze of fresh air in the genre of family drama,sure to cast a magical spell on all book lovers.Highly recommended to all those looking for a good story with a strong story line. Its surely a must read!

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