Blue in the tooth: Teeth Hygiene with a Colour Therapy Twist!


Colorful, engaging and educating!

‘Blue in the tooth’ is a fun filled, fascinating and educating book with colorful illustrations presented in a poetic manner by author Esther Loftus Gough that emphasizes on dental care and hygiene by taking the little readers on an engrossing journey of a canine tooth named ‘Blue’ and his other teeth friends, as they go through a sad and painful experience when little Johnnie goes careless and stops brushing them for a few days.

Young children of age 3 to 7 are bound to enjoy and learn from every page of the book as author Esther Loftus uses her knowledge of color therapy aptly to interest and encourage little ones towards the importance of each tooth and their proper care. Filled with values of happiness and hygiene ‘Blue in the tooth’ is an engaging read which both children and adults are sure to find worth reading. Highly recommended for every home with little children.

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