Inside the Lines


Poignant and optimistic shades of life.

‘Inside the Lines’ is an ultimate amongst some of the most well plotted, well framed and magnetizing fiction thrillers one can come across. It is apparent that author Sid Hamer is a versatile write who is very well aware of her story line and definitely is capable of alluring her readers into her book. Unfolding the novel ‘Inside the Lines’ artistically, author Sid Hamer gives her readers an engaging insight into the tale of a dysfunctional family where a little handicapped boy- Jeffy Moffett has to deal with difficult upbringing and hatred of his abusive, dominating and heartless father.

‘Inside the Lines’ is a very powerful read with rich descriptive prose, believable characters with diverse personalities and an intricate narrative bringing out an absolutely unique thriller about domestic violence and child abuse presented in an incredibly heart warming yet engrossing manner.

Author Sid Hamer has penned a spellbinding tale which will linger around readers memory long after the last page has been turned. Those who want to experience both poignant and optimistic shades of life under the skin of author Sid Hamer’s characters, ‘Inside the Lines’ is sure to satisfy their need. This work of perfection is highly recommended.’

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