Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do


Encouraging and an enlightening memoir!

Reading ‘Ginny and Me’ has created a special bond of respect and love towards author Christine Walters and brought out burst of emotions in me when I learnt and tried to put myself under the skin of author of how difficult it must have been for a child to bear abuses and emotional tortures living and dealing with a mother who had childhood paranoid schizophrenia with multiple personality disorder. According to Christine’s misery, she also had to deal with the acceptance of racism at various stages of school since her father was a black and mother was a white. I was really astonished at the strength of this strong, courageous women as she fought with the difficult situation of ups and downs thrown in her life by destiny and still maintained her faith in God and his mercy. Christine Walters memoir is the most motivating and enlightening read for those out there who may think they are alone and give up at the hurdles of life.
I would like to share my personal opinion with author i.e God only tests those who he thinks are capable and strong enough to handle life and come out as inspiration proving to be role model for his less strong and less confident followers.
I definitely want to read more from this naturally blessed-in-writing author who has learnt so much from her personal experiences of life. Christine leaves us with a moral of trying to help those with social issues.
‘Ginny and Me’ is a book I shall always hold close to my heart for its sheer beauty, motivation and power. This read is highly recommended to all and esp. to women to look upon Christine Walters as their inspiration and deal with life as it comes with faith in God and themselves.

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