The Courageous: Overcoming from Within


An inspiring memoir

‘The Courageous’ is a spellbinding non fiction read that is sure to strike any reader for its sheer purity, enlightenment, encouragement and immaculate style of narration with a gripping flow that gives the insight into the faith and believes of author Chris Deeroy over god.
Though not through a very blessed childhood with the very basis for survival, author Chris Deeroy’s outlook towards life and appreciation of it makes him a role model for all readers. Author defines value of life and success with his first hand experience at poverty.
‘The Courageous’ is a motivational read that kept me engrossed and turning pages as the author unfolded his life journey, preaching in each chapter with his read experience & thoughts of wisdom gathered over time and by faith in god.
Author definitely does a wonderful job by bringing his valuable experience and guidance in the form of a book with diverse appeal that would be appreciated by a wide range of readers irrespective of their region and religion and encourage them to revitalize their faith in god and his watchfulness over us.
This inspiring memoir sure deserves a special place in one’s life and on shelf for its charm of purity and beauty. Highly recommended.

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