Divergent Lives


An entertaining web of numerous complex characters

Author Minnie Lahongrais’ ‘Divergent Lives’ sure does have alluring powers, strong enough to keep one turning pages until the very end, discovering a well imagined dark tale of two socio path fraternal twins RJ & Adina who had been separated at birth in hospital and raised by different parents in different atmospheres under circumstances contrasting each other, eventually fight their way out for a life of their choice.
‘Divergent Lives’ is an entertaining web of numerous complex characters, that comes with a flashback into the past justifying the present of characters, shaping their current actions that led into intense action & violence. Author Minnie is definitely a gifted writer who surely does know how to capture the attention of her readers by weaving a fresh, different dark novel that is at once complex, surprising and full of rich vivid descriptions. Without being overly tedious, author moves her believable and poignant story at a balanced pace with a gripping narration. It will amaze many readers how author Minnie makes her special place in the list of their favourite and admirable writers. ‘Divergent Lives’ comes highly recommended for fans of socio-path crime thriller lovers.

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