Nighthawk: A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base

An ebullient memoir of an Airman’s tour.

A read that will be appreciated by general audience and make them wince and smile, ‘Nighthawk – A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base’ is a first rate air force based memoir.

Author Bill Bowers gives out anecdotes of his growing up years amongst family like neighborhood in upper Darby, Pennsylvania and provides a microscopic view of a young boys family morals where discipline started at home with unconditional love for one another, eager to take up responsibility and stand by the family and parents while growing up, author chose ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) during his senior years.

Author recounts even the most mundane chores of basic training weeks at Lackland air force base, military regulations, busy and extremely regimented daily routine in a light hearted, ebullient manner. With a compelling sense of exploration & commitment to learning, author provides vivid details of his success through his formative years.

Likely to charm and engage readers, ‘Nighthawk’ is a 5 star- sweet, pleasant and brief portal into a teenage boys unforgettable adventures while becoming a man.

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