The Passer

A well rounded, appealing read for fans of diverse genre.

Intricate tapestry of creatively plotted paranormal romance with tale of loss, perseverance and family ‘The Passer’ is an engaging start to series full of potential.

Coping with a devastating loss of boyfriend Jeremy, Shakespearean actress- Eleanor Bouchard begins to discover other worldly power hidden within herself after having strange and frightening dreams concealed with message followed by alarming and heart rendering visions of a missing women. Revealing secrets in store, destiny intervenes Eleanor’s emanating new power with lives of actor Daniel Archer and step daughter Amelia.

With flashbacks impeccably placed between the narration of the main story, author Robin Christophersen manages to evoke emotional attachment for her charismatic and troubled, multidimensional characters. Entertaining yet frightening with mystery, thrills and drama, author has added elements to her novel making it a well rounded and appealing read for fans of diverse genre.

‘The Passer’ is an exquisite, well thoughtout 5 star debut novel that navigates between the complexities of a strong appealing protagonist and her exploration of the unimaginable. Author Robin Christophersen’s considerable abilities as a writer of paranormal romance is highly recommended and definitely worth reading.

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