Dark Secrets


Spine chilling paranormal read

Author Mikki Smith is all set to take her readers to unravel the path of dark world full of mysteries, black magic and evil through her fast paced, flawless and entertaining paranormal debut read ‘Dark Secrets’ where we get to discover the horrifying, evil lurking world of a young teenage girl ‘Misty’.
Misty is kept unaware of the paranormal secrets of her past by her family until one day her world turns topsy turvy when the coven comes searching for her and claims her to br the chosen one to mate with the devil in order to make them the most powerful and to rule over other satanic covens. Misty’s refusal to accept this satanic appeal is sure to make her life miserable and full of struggles.
‘Dark Secrets’ is one of the most captivating read giving its readers an imaginary visualistic view of satanic activities faced by the character sending chills through the spine from the very first page till the very end.
Author Mikki Smith proves her talent of a good writer by giving her readers good detail of Misty’s life by taking the story back and forth flawlessly and by maintaining entertainment with perfect balance of emotions and mystery.
Misty and other characters of the novel turn out to be very life like and connecting for the readers to keep sitting on the edge of their seats and wanting to know more by the turn of every page.
Author Mikki Smith very smartly leaves her readers to rely on Misty to deal with her ‘Dark Secrets’ and give good an edge over evil.
This book is highly recommended to all esp. to those interested in the genre of paranormal action thriller, packed with mysteries and strong story line.

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