Like a Child to Home


An eye opener with abundance of knowledge!

‘Like a Child to Home’ by Author Bill Engleson is an amazing fiction novel based on the realities, hardships and difficulties faced by families in the upbringing of teens, where an experienced children social service worker ‘Wally Rose’ gets his hands on a complicated case of a young girl ‘Skye’, who has been missing from home for five days without a word with her mom- Carla Prentice.
Author Bill Engleson has very smartly brought up an eye opening subject of dealing with adolescents through his well plotted, entertaining, highly descriptive novel, giving his readers abundance of knowledge and a look through the functioning of social service authorities.
The novel gets complete hold of its readers with the turn of each page with some of the most absorbing and connecting characters and their portray.This book  ‘Like a Child to Home’ is a must read for all and esp. for parents dealing with their kids. Highly recommended for those with an interest in social service activities too.

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