Once in a Blue Year


A salute to our submariners!

‘Once in a Blue Year’ by Michael Durkota is simply one of the most touching and heart warming, close to reality novel one can get their hands on!
Author Michael Durkota has left no stones unturned in making his readers go through an out burst of emotions felt by submarine personnel while on duty. This book is sure to give a close view into the lives of people of the submarine on duty and at home where the two main characters of the book ‘Nathan’ and ‘Dan’ who are two friends, go through different situations handling their life in the best possible way all at the mercy of destiny. Nathan has to leave his wife and child with a heavy heart to execute his duty whereas Dan is left behind to gather the shattered pieces of his uncertain living, heading to live at his best friends home- with Nathan’s wife Heather and son.
Author Michael Durkota wonderfully weaves a perfect blend of emotions, adventure and mystery to set a perfect reality based plot for his novel. The novel ‘Once in a Blue Year’ turns interesting and entertaining page by page with an amazing visualistic descriptions of the living of the submariners in the ship and their adjustments towards life as given by the author.
This book gives abundance of knowledge about the navy ships, their working and it definitely fills our heart with respect and love for all those serving our nations in the navy and military, leaving their most adored and loved ones behind.
I would highly recommend ‘Once in a Blue Year’ to all and esp. to all youngsters to seek inspiration and courage from the characters life the novel.

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