The Traveling Man (The Travelers Book 1)


A crime thriller- which has it all!!!

Author Michael King gives his readers a perfect glimpse into the possible fraud world of real estate through his well plotted and fast paced crime thriller ‘The Traveling Man’ (The Travelers Book 1) where a married couple- Tom and Patty Brown along with their partner Buddy Ray plot conspiracy against the contaminated lake front property of Mr & Mrs. Yost, convincing to give them a fair share of half the proceeds from sales. The greed of making big-fast bucks make Tom and Patty fiddle with the 40 core samples report of the property pulling in some other characters by hook or by crook as being a part of their ‘partner in crime game’.
Author Michael King weaves a perfect blend of greed, fraud, conspiracy, blackmail with the help of absorbing real-like con artist characters giving his crime thriller a dense and interesting story line. Though ‘The Traveling Man’ is a fast paced read, the book hooks its readers from the very first page till the very last one giving burst of surprises with new twists and turns and ending in a manner no-one can guess.
This book makes a perfect read for a relaxing, enjoyable vacation, highly recommended to all and esp. to those with interest in the genre of crime-thriller.

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